The Invisalign treatment starts here and is only a few short steps away

The start of your amazing Invisalign smile takes a few stages and your dentist or orthodontist will advise you how long it takes

Stage one - Contact us for your complimentary invisalign smile appointment

Take the decision towards your amazing new Invisalign smile and your complimentary appointment. Give us a call to make a start on your treatment. Our Invisalign treatment coordinator is just a phone call away.

Invisalign Treatment Coordinator number: 01753 260 692

Stage 2 - See exactly what the end result will look like

Our skilled clinicians, using the latest technology, will be able to scan on your mouth as it is and upload the information into the software. This will then allow us to show you a very accurate impression of the projected end result.

We will give you a step-by-step account of how Invisalign works, how long it will take, how much it may cost and various options of how to pay for it.

Stage 3 - Appointment with one of our dentists for in depth consultation

They will perform a very detailed consultation for you to recheck suitability and also check that no additional treatment is required before we commence Invisalign. Most common is a hygiene clean or though there may be some simple fillings that are required.

More detailed scans using our Itero scanner as well as photographs may also be taken. If everything is in agreement the dentist will send these to Invisalign online for manufacturing of the aligners ready for the active part of the treatment to begin.

Stage 4 – Attachment fitting and tray handover

Invisalign will deliver the aligners to us ready for this this appointment. We will fit attachments to your teeth and also handover the series of retainers. We will show you exactly how to use them, as well as care instructions. Following this appointment we will see you at regular intervals to check that the treatment is going according to plan and make any adjustments if necessary.